Desperate measures

Born to expire

The nightlife




Nueva Etica begins its activities in the year 1998, by intiative of the oldest members of Straight Edge scene from Buenos Aires, whose intention was to form a band that gave back to the local scene of HC the message of Animal Liberation and the lifestyle free of intoxication, between this members are members of the legendary groups of the Buenos Aires Straight Edge scene, which played in bands like Vieja Escuela, Autocontrol, Eternidad and another present ones as Sudarshana, Los Verdaderos and Mostomalta. In the year 1999, after playing all around Buenos Aires with important bands of local HC, Nueva Etica decides to enter to record its first demo production, wich is published by the label Firme y Alerta Discos. This one sees the light at the end of the same year and counts with six songs, influenced musically by bands as Path O Resistance and Integrity, whose letters would become in true hymns of the latinamerican HC scene with the time. After the launching of its first production, the next step was go out to and play a lot o shows from all Buenos Aires and the provinces of the rear area of the country. The answer from the crow was immediate, receiving proposals from another countries, in that way Nueva Etica undertakes its first tour to Brazil, making shows in Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria and finishing in San Pablo, in the first edition of the festival called “ La Verdurada” (one of the biggest independent fests at the present time), being the first foreign band to play in that fest. This was the kick off for a career that would make their name also known outside the borders of their home country. In the following years they toured all over the world in countries such as the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Japan and the whole of Europe with bands such as Good Clean Fun, Liar, Integrity, All Out War, Maroon, Heaven Shall Burn, Sunrise and also released their second album. After almost three years of long work, months of rehearsals and arduous recording sessions, NUEVA ETICA finished the process of creation and recording of South America’s most ambitious production ever: “Inquebrantable” CD. Recorded at the MCP Studio from Argentina, where the band was assisted by Martin Carrizo, drummer of the notorious South American metal band A.N.I.M.A.L, mixed and mastered at AntFarm Studios, in Denmark, by Tue Madsen, producer of heavy weights such as Sick of It All, Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, Born From Pain, etc. “Inquebrantable” counts on an unprecedented production for South American hardcore standards, taking the passion and intensity that abounds in their scene to a whole new level of expression. It is a project that has only been achieved thanks to the cooperative work of several international hardcore labels: Alveran Records (Germany), Liberation Recordings (Brazil), Firme y Alerta Discos (Argentina), New Eden Records (USA) and Storm of Justice (Switzerland, which is charge of a limited LP Vinyl version). The artwork was made it by one of tops HC design artist from Europe, Rafal Wechterowicz (Ringworm, Sunrise, Integrity, Narizss, Bridge to Solace, etc., for more info check his own my space this is a highly expected release and it's going to leave a lot of people with their mouth open filling them with the words: NUEVA ETICA.

NUEVA ETICA - Elite [ RR027 - CD ]

- Intro
- El tiempo es ahora
- Nunca seran
- 30 monedas
- 3lit3
- El arma
- Invicto
- Mi honor no tieno precio
- Nada que perder
- Sudamerica