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January 22nd 2015

In our 15 years history as a label we are exultant that we can announce the following news:
We're going to re-release the 4 LEEWAY full lengths on Reality Records! LEEWAY brought us some of the best crossover/thrash/hardcore ever written and is still a big influence to a lot of current and new bands in our scene! All of them will be remastered, will come with an extensive booklet and on top of that, every album will contain loads of bonustracks! The formats we're offering: CD / LP / digital! Expect 'Born To Expire' and 'Desperate Measures' to be released in spring 2015! 'Adult Crash' and 'Open Mouth Kiss' will be released later on this year around fall/winter 2015!

January 8th 2014

CRUEL HAND - C.H.H.C. Forever - 7" - pre-order!!!
Anyone who is into the hardcore scene must have noticed Cruel Hand by now, be it at one of their vigorous live shows all over the world, or by listening to and absorbing the intensity of their true hardcore music. We are proud to announce our collaboration with them for the European version of their new 7” 'C.H.H.C. Forever”! This piece of vinyl will contain 4 songs - their newest material in almost 3 years. The 7" is a compilation of the "Vigilant Citizen" 7” single, released by Triple-B Records, and 2 originals from their recent release with Closed Casket Activities. There will be a 1st pressing of 500 copies on 4 different colors. Pre-orders are available right now and will be shipped early february 2014!
Go to for the pre-orders!
More news and updates will follow soon!

December 17th 2013

Hi there, lots of things coming up at Reality Records, so here we go:

After a very busy summer / fall full of shows, festivals and releases by xVICIOUSx and REDEMPTION DENIED, we are not planning to take a rest, 'cause after all, sleep is the cousin of death.

CRUEL HAND – welcome to the family!
Anyone who's around into the hardcore scene, must have noticed Cruel Hand somehow. Be it on a vigorous live show, all over the world, or just listening and absorb the intensity of their true hardcore music. We're proud to announce that we're going to collaborate with them for the European version of their new 7”. This piece of vinyl will contain 4 songs, the first in almost 3 years! The 7 inch will be a compilation of the Vigila 7” and the 2 originals from the CCA release. We expect the release around february 2014. Pre-orders will be up very soon.

BULLDOZE – The Final Beatdown
Do you “Remember Who's Strong?” About 20 years ago BULLDOZE released their first and only 7” that shocked the entire hardcore movement! Still to this date so many folks get their inspiration by the originators of hardcore/beatdown! To celebrate this anniversary we're going to re-release this 7” on our own label. So next to supporting young and new bands, we give you the chance to get some hardcore history in your hands by offering this release. There is more going on around BULLDOZE, like re-releasing “The Final Beatdown” on CD/DVD and LP. In the meanwhile you can pick some merchandise by BULLDOZE in our online store. All of this should be released late january/early february 2014. Pre-orders available asap!

xVICIOUSx - Values - vinyl
For all you collectors out there: we're going to press their "Values" EP on a limited one side screenprinted 12". Only 100 of them will be made, it's gonna be a one time pressing! Just follow our updates and you'll be the first to know when you can pre-order this item!

Still hot:
Overlord / Get It Done - split 7"
Relentless - Turn The Curse - CD
The Mongoloids Official - Mongo Life - CD/LP
Redemption Denied - Nothing Remains - CD

That's all for now! RR 2013-crew

July 16th 2013

REDEMPTION DENIED - welcome to the family
Finally we can announce that Redemption Denied(b) will join our roster! Another Belgian quality band with ideals and a great spirit! This band is “hard”, no doubt. They have their own approach on their early Hatebreed, Death Threat and No Warning style! They did a few small European tours so far, e.g. True Spirit tour w/ No Turning Back, and everyone who checked them live agrees; they just smash it show after show! Somewhere in the fall we're going to release 4 new songs and their previous 7”, as extra bonus, on one CD! Stay tuned!

xVICIOUSx - “Values” EP
A little update about our sxe youngsters! Everything is ready and has been sent to the pressing plant and if all goes well you can pick up their “Values” EP at Ieperfest! This will be the only chance to pick up the MCD before street date September 14th! xViciousx on the rise!

We expect this release any moment at our headquarter, so when we have it in our own hands, we let you know for sure! Finally, all the hard work and your patience will be rewarded! Overlord / Get It Done, a nice combo!

New GET WISE 7” – fall 2013
“Clock's Ticking” has been received very well worldwide since we released this one!So why chance a winning team?! Also this fall, GET WISE will deliver you a new 7”, and it will be available on CD too, with their first 7” included! Get Wise, they're back!

Webshop / distro
Bulldoze merchandise has been added to our webshop, just like our weekly update of new records. More specials, hard to find or out of print releases can be found in our distro. We still hit the road with our distro and love to be at festivals or shows (local or big, we don't care!) with our music and merchandise, hangouts and good times not to be forgotten! Thanks for having us all over Europe and supporting us all the time! Next up are Ressurection fest in Spain, and for sure, Ieperfest in Belgium, the longest independent hardcore festival!

For now, enjoy the summer and keep hardcore alive! RR pushing on in 2K13!

June 24th 2013

“Fuck being judgemental”
Finally! We present you with pride a fully mastered & mixed song of the upcoming EP 'Values' by xViciousx, that will be released this summer! The date for the release show is still locked on September 14th, Frontline, Gent.
More info available at this event page. Be there or whine later. For now: mosh, singalong and spread the word!
XXX back on the rise! Peace.

March 31st 2013

Welcome to the family!

We've always been down supporting young, hardworking and good bands and xViciousx is just one of them. With big roots in the H8000-area, they started out to play their first show late 2010 in Ypres, and from that day on they're constantly on a roll! These 6 youngsters just know how to create the ideal atmosphere for a great hardcore show: heavy and hardhitting hardcore with a clear message, wrapped with their unique humor, turning every place into a warzone! This is a band with VALUES and wearing the heart on the sleeve!

The release of their first MCD “Values” will take place on September 14th 2013, a day that will be remembered for sure, so lock that date! xVICIOUSx is on the rise, there's no escape!

For fans of Shattered Realm, Regression, early Throwdown, Until The End, Xibalba.

Limited tape will be released on Kick Out The Jams!

December 5th 2012

We are very proud to announce we're going to release the new record by RELENTLESS (Sydney, Australia). So yes, for the first time in our history as a label we're going down under! RELENTLESS - TURN THE CURSE out Friday, January 25th 2013 on Reality Records (Europe).
Few Australian hardcore bands have achieved the renown and respect of their peers that RELENTLESS have. Their hard work touring both nationally and internationally since the release of their debutdemo in 2006 has paid off, and the Sydney quartet are now set to release their second full-length, Turn The Curse, on 25 January 2013. Following a national support slot on Trapped Under Ice’s second Australian tour earlier this year, Relentless decided to return to the studio, this time deciding to take a step up and source outside production help. Enter Nick Jett (Terror, Piece By Piece) into the picture, not only to produce the record in Sydney, but also to track and mix the final product. Relentless and Nick hit the studio for a bit over two weeks of gruelling recording at the end of June, where the whisper is that that final result will be a follow up of pure hardcore gold. The band already have an extensive touring schedule planned from release until June 2013. “This is by far our best work to date with the strongest line up Relentless has had,” said vocalist Trent Baldock of the album. “I think we all knew it was time to step up, not just with the riffs and the lyrical writing, but with the structure of the songs as well. That’s why we brought Nick Jett in to produce. Being able to actually take the time to take a step back and listen to what we had written, and trying to perfect it before we laid the tracks in the studio with Nick was a new experience and a huge learning curb for us.”
Almost three years in the works, the end result of Turn The Curse is an album that not only goes beyond the expectations of the band, but will set the benchmark for hardcore releases in 2013.

Earlier this year we talked about several other releases and projects that were planned to see the daylight. Some of them are hold in abeyance. We'll keep you updated as soon as we got more concrete details, but don't worry, you'll be the first to hear about it! In the meantime, OVERLORD(b) and GET IT DONE(ger) are getting closer to finish their split 7”. They're in the process to round off the artwork. When this is finished, the pressing plant is the next and final destination for their upcoming 7”!

Just like the previous years we will have some OPEN OFFICE DAYS at our headquarter in Merelbeke, Belgium at the end of this year and the start of 2013! If you're a newbie to this, don't be afraid, you're more than welcome: we offer lots of merchandise and music at really cheap prices for that period and you can come hangout with us! It's always cool to meet new people! If you have visit us before, you know what to expect! More news about this very soon! In the past days we updated our webshop with lots of new independent quality music, be it hardcore, punkrock, metalcore, oldschool, ... classics have been restocked, new material/breed have been added, all off your favorite band!

May 18th 2012

Unfortunately NYHC has lost another person from their scene, our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends & family. Rest in peace Little Greg (Guitarists from EGH / Red Eyed Devil).

March 29th 2012

It's been a while since you get some news from us, but here we are! This is the real major update for 2012, so expect a lot of interesting stuff and releases!

First of all we want to welcome GET WISE. We're always down to support hardworking and promising bands! GET WISE is one of them to keep an eye on! In 2010 they released a demo tape that staggered not only us, but also the hardcore scene with their incredible live shows. With members of Blade and Trapped Inside they turn all kind of venues into a wild party! Not afraid to speak up their mind with well chosen and straight to the point lyrics, backed by groovy hardcore riffing that ranges between youth crew and oldschool, you all know what's up! We are more than happy torelease the next effort by this upcoming belgian band. The new 7”will be released on 13/05 in Mol (bel), where GET WISE will support Backtrack, Cornered and Blindside!

Another (belgian) band who will join our ranks is OVERLORD! Desperate times ask for dark, gloomy music with a toughtfull message, and that's what they're all about! With (ex-)members of The Setup, Born From Pain, Leng't Che and Diablo Blvd., this band is just an overwhelming tank that devestates everything on his path. No compromise for their unique sound they create. Before they are going to release their full length later on this year (fall 2012), OVERLORD will team up with GET IT DONE from Germany for a split 7”! GET IT DONE has a history in bands like Black Friday '29 (Bjorn vocals), Settle The Score and AYS. Their trademark is oldschool hardcore with a melodic touch, that sounds really fresh in the current hardcore community! Each band will deliver two tracks, limited to 500 copies! Siked? Hell yeah!

Established in 2007, Manchester' BROKEN TEETH are takin' over the UK and Europe step by step with their bonecrushing and thrashing (NY-)hardcore tunes! All their effort didn't stay unnoticed for us, so we agreed to work together and this will result in BROKEN TEETH's first full length! We will take care of both CD and LP! If you are into Terror, old Biohazard and some thrashing Metallica, blended with heavy breakdowns and pulverizing moshing parts, than this is yours! The sky is definetly not the limit for this unstoppable force!

Yep, it's true! We are taking 24 CLOTHING to the next level! The new designs will be launched on Groezrock but we will also reprint some classics in thenear future. Keep checking our facebook/website for further news about 24. xVICIOUSx (bel), GET IT DONE (ger) and FIRST BLOOD (us) are the first bands who will be endorsed by 24 CLOTHING. No slowing down at the RR-headquarter, so we're also handling merchandising for MERAUDER, GET IT DONE, FIRST BLOOD and DO OR DIE! This is just the start. If you're interested in working with us, get in touch! We can print any kind of merchandise for your band. All of our bands are hitting the road a lot and play shows all over the world, so if you want to be updated if they are playing your area, visit our facebook/website from time to time, where we try to give you the latest info about it! For all your favorite music items and merchandise, our webshop is the place to be! In the next couple ofweeks, some huge injection will happen! New vinyl, CD's, 7”,fanzines, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, ... are coming your way! All of this will also be available at GROEZROCK! That's all for now! - team Reality Records

December 14th 2011

What's up guy's and girls? First of all, we would like to wish everybody happy holiday's and a great amount of luck for the upcoming examinations. Party safe and take care of each other. We hope for a good 2012. A year with lot's of music, love & happiness for everybody.
The coming of the holiday's also means that time has come for some 'Open Office Days' again. Check out the dates at the flyer below and treat youselves or your loved ones ( musical holidaypresents are always great to have ) with some great bargains. You want it, we have it. Carnifex, Have Heart, Crowbar, Hatebreed, Converge, Nasty, Defeater, ... Come on over and check our stuff. We'll be expecting you...

October 4th 2011

Reality Records decided to donate a testpress from the Madball NYHC 7" to the HHF for auction. This might be your only chance to get one. It's numbered 5/10. So far, only RR chief Tom, Reality Records designer Andy, the guy from Martyr records (who did the US version of this record) and the band have one copy. We were never intending on selling this, but hey, it's for the benefit of a good cause. So go over to the HHF website and drop them a mail with your offer.

July 30th 2011

We are extremely happy to announce a new band on our roster! The first UK band on Reality Records, BROKEN TEETH joins the Reality family!!! This young talented band brings you what we like to call hardcore. No hypes, no images, just plain and simple hardcore. BROKEN TEETH is on the road almost the entire year playing strings of weekend shows, smaller and bigger tours. Be it for 10 people or 1000 people they hit the stage like madmen every single night. They are travelling all over Europe and further with nothing but the enthousiasm to get their band out and let the people know who they are. When they hit your town be sure you will have a great time with these fine folks.Currently you can catch them on their european tour with Wardogs, supporting their 7" “The Seeker” on Purgatory Records. You can pick up a copy at our distro or webshop! At this moment nothing is set yet on the first release for Reality Records. Be it a 7", split or a full length but @ the Reality HQ we are looking forward to work a lot with them in the future!

To find out more about BROKEN TEETH, check these links:

Furthermore, we have some new 24 CLOTHING desings coming up, some classic designs will be reprinted too, so keep an eye an that too!

Unfortunately MERAUDER cancelled their european tour for this summer, but from now on we’ll take care of their official merchandise for Europe. The “Life Is Pain” design is available on shirt as on hoodie. Just get in touch if you need something. More designs are in the pipeline, we’ll keep you updated about that for sure.

Keep on checking our webstore on a regular base, as we adding each week new music as classics. Or you can always come hangout at a show where we have our distro with us. We are stoked to leave for Sucks ’N' Summer fest in Germany, and in about less than 2 weeks you’ll find us at Ieper Hardcore Fest!

That's it for now, enjoy summer and see you around!

February 23th 2011

What’s up everybody? This is the first real update of 2011 and we have a lot to announce! As the previous update has been a while ago, we don’t want to forget to say thanks to all of you who showed up at our Reality Records fest. So thank you! First things first, as we have some last minute news for you. This saturday there is the 3th winter edition of the IEPER HARDCORE FEST. We’ll be there with our distro from the very first minute! A perfect opportunity for a hangout! Check for more info.

On 13th march 2011 we welcome Basement, Daylight and Hostage Calm in Ghent(bel) for a show! Details can be found on our facebook.

As we speak, THE MONGOLOIDS are still going strong in Europe. After a good run in the UK, they hooked up with Death Before Dishonor. You can find all the remaining tourdates on this link. Germany, Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands & Belgium will have to bow down for the mongostompers! Support the band by picking up their new 7” / EP “New Beginnings”. The Mongoloids will finish their tour in The Frontline, Gent supported by Get Wise and Vicious on 7th march 2011. More information about this event on our facebook.

MADBALL and WISDOM IN CHAINS are part of the Rebellion tour that will start on 18th march 2011. Together with Born From Pain, Trapped Under Ice, All For Nothing and Devil In Me they will roll over Europe in 16 days. Have a look on our facebook page to see all the dates and places. Be sure to be a part of this tour and experience the vibe of real hardcore.

And we have more… ALPHA & OMEGA will hit Europe for the 2nd time in may/juin 2011 supported by Mother Of Mercy. Get in touch with Avocado Booking if you want to set up a show for them. If you haven’t checked the “Life Swallower” LP/CD, no worries, just pick up a format on our online store. The european version contains 16 songs including the “Devil’s Bed” EP as a bonus and remastered. For all the collectors out there, don’t sleep on the limited vinyl pressings!

Maybe some of you were already looking forward to see NUEVA ETICA this summer, but unfortunately we have to dissapoint you. The first dates were already booked as we received a message this week that one of the singers and the bassplayer will become dad! We totally understand this and wish them and their families all the luck and healthy babies!

We are proud to announce that we are the official distributor of “24 CLOTHING”. Yep, they are back on track! Have a look at our webshop and check out some new designs and classics as well. In need of some official FIRST BLOOD merch? Don’t look any further as we take care of it too.

Every week we update our webstore with new items, so visit the online store on a regular basis. If something is not on our webshop, just drop an email and we’ll order it for you! Take care for now, enjoy real and independent music and let’s hang out a lot in 2011!

November 2nd 2010

While we wait for the 'New Beginnings' CD from THE MONGOLOIDS to come from the pressing plant, we can tell you the following. The're gonna hit Europe again in february & march 2011! Check the shows section for the official tourdates...

Oktober 26th 2010

Summer’s gone and we had a blast! Great festivals, great bands, great hangouts all over Europe! Allthough the days are getting shorter and colder, we at Reality Records don’t slow down at all.

First of all we are very proud to announce that we are re-releasing ALPHA & OMEGA “Life Swallower” ! As a bonus, their previous 7inch “Devil’s Bed” is added as a bonus, completely remastered! Tonight they hit for the very first time the European continent and the new European version will be available for the first time at the belgian show at the Minus One in Gent on 23th october 2010 together with Bane, Rise And Fall, Trapped Under Ice, At-Half Mast and Hessian. You can pick up this nice piece of music and artwork at our distro! Also available on CD. Don’t sleep on this one and give the band a massive support on their 23 days european tour!

The Argentinan vegetarian/vegan straightedge mosh machine is back! NUEVA ETICA's “3L1T3” presents you 11 songs of brutal hardcore in the vein of Earth Crisis, The Warriors and Path Of Resistance. Still spreading the word the of injustice, straightedge and animal liberation, “3L1T3” is the succesor on “Inquebratable”.

We don't have to say you that we are still thrilled about the new 7" of THE MONGOLOIDS "New Beginnings" that we released a few weeks ago. We still have some limited Machine Head-logo copie, only 50 were made of this on white vinyl! Get one of them while supplies last. The 7" features 4 brand new tracks and we will handle the European territory while our friends over at Six Feet Under records will do the US version. The cd will have one exclusive bonustrack and will be handled worldwide by us. “New Beginnings” is also availabe in a nice digipack.

On 20th november 2010 we are organizing our first edition of the Reality Records fest! SKARHEAD will play an exclusive belgian show at JOC Ieper together with NO TURNING BACK and a bunch more. Go to our facebook page to catch up with the latest news, all the bands that will play and so on... Around that time we can expect the upcoming reissue of the SKARHEAD “DMS” EP (featuring bonus demo sessions from 2001) on Reality Records!

That’s it for now! See you around and keep hardcore real!

Oktober 2nd 2010

In continued support of the long-awaited new record “Drugs, Music & Sex”, which hit stores worldwide in November 2009, Skarhead proudly announces yet another highly anticipated European Tour! Despite external difficulties that forced the NYHC Veterans from participating in it's 2010 summer run, the band will now return to Europe this November STRONGER than Ever!! With the release of “Drugs, Music & Sex”, through their new home I Scream Records, and the upcoming reissue of the DMS EP (featuring bonus demo sessions from 2001) through Reality Records, Lord Ezec & Company prove to be unrelenting and viciously determined.

As Skarhead parts ways with long time agent M.A.D Tourbooking, they are proud to announce the new collaboration with STRONGER BOOKINGS as it's new European booking agent. Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezec says: "Stronger Bookings is able to focus on making Skarhead a priority and help personalize every detail of our tour. Working with them has refreshed our entire outlook. M.A.D will always be one of Europe's leading agencies, and we wish all of our friends, as part of their roster, nothing but success in all of their future endeavorers".

Rounding out Lord Ezec's All Star Line up is long time Skarhead Favorite Puerto Rican Myke (District 9) on vocals, joined by Riggs Ross on Drums (Madball, Hatebreed, Ragmen), Mike Cools on Bass (V.S, Cro-Mags, Cold As Life, Sworn Enemy, AOM, Merauder), AK Rey (Vietnom, Tension), and Matty BK (Subzero, Merauder) on guitars!!

This is NYHC at it's finest!

october 22 : Bulle (CH) Ebullition
october 24 : Watrelo (FR) La boite à musique
october 26 : Lyon (FR) Transclub (after-show SOIA / Madball)
ocotber 28 : Hengelo (NL) The Innocent
ocotber 29 : Zizers (CH) Eventstage
october 30 : Torino (IT) United Club
ocotber 31 : Gorizia (IT) Pieffe Factory
november 02 : Brno City (CZR) Melodka
november 04 : Prague (CZR) Club 77

november 05 : Wroclaw (PL) Versus Theatre (with Skarhead)
november 06 : Warsaw (PL) The Fresh (with Skarhead)

november 08: Praha (CZR) MODRA VOPICE
november 09: Vienna (AU) ARENA
november 11: Firenze (IT) EX EMERSON
november 12: Torino (IT) UNITED CLUB
november 13: Barcelona (SP) ESTRAPERLO CLUB
november 14: Madrid (SP) RITMO Y COMPAS
november 17: Toulouse (FR) LE CARAVAN SERAIL
november 18: Paris (FR) LA PENICHE ALTERNATIVE
november 19: Sofia (Bulgaria?) PARTY CENTRE 4KM
november 20: Ypres (B) JOC IEPER
november 21: Tilburg (NL) 013

September 10th 2010

Great news from Reality Records HQ. We would like to mention that ALPHA & OMEGA have joined the family. The new album 'Life swallower' will be released on CD and LP. On this European edition you will find the songs from the 'Devils bed' EP added as an extra. So keep your eyes open for this fine piece of work.

July 30th 2010

We welcome THE MONGOLOIDS to the family. We at Reality HQ never dodge some controversy. Many hate them because of some internet gossip but they are back with a better then ever line up and some of their best written material to prove it! And this is only a small taste of what is yet to come. This proves that The Mongoloids will fight back through their music and prove they are here to stay. Hence the name for this release being "new beginnings". The 7" features 4 brand new tracks and we will handle the European territory while our friends over at Six Feet Under records will do the US version. The cd will have one exclusive bonustrack and will be handled worldwide by us. Release schedule 7" august mcd september/october

June 23th 2010

Bad news for Skarhead-fans from MAD-HQ : After a couple more cancellations of shows we are all very sad to announce that the whole European SKARHEAD tour, which was supposed to start June 18th 2010, is now officially cancelled. Due to unforeseen circumstances and matters beyond our control including logistic problems we are extremely disappointed and want to apologize to all the fans who were looking forward seeing Skarhead.

June 12th 2010

Hey peeps, what's up? With pride we're letting you know that 'REALITY FEST' is a fact! And this to celebrate our 10 years anniversary! Mark November 27th 2010 on your calenders, 'cause it's gonna be one hell of a party! It starts in the early afternoon, so you can expect a shitload of cool bands. The following bands have already confirmed: Death Threat (US), No Turning Back (NL), World Gone Mad (LB/GER) & The Company (H8000). More names will ba added soon...!

Confronto's album 'Sanctuarium' is out now and available in our webshop. Also check our distro at a show near you or the following festivals: Hellfest (FR), Graspop Metal Meeting (B), With Full Force (D), Leverage Of Chaos (B)... And we're also waiting for confirmation from other fest near you. So check out soon for other updates concerning this matter...

April 27th 2010

Hello dudes. The new site is online! Still a lot of work to be done, but it's a start.

The Confronto cd 'Sanctuarium' is at the pressingplant right now. So expect this one soon.

March 19th 2010

Well, here we are. 32 years old and closing in on 33. My son had his first birthdayparty a couple of weeks ago. This should be the time in your life where you settle down, pick up family life and drift away from the things you did when you were younger. In a way, I settled down with the family. But then again, when I look to the last couple of weeks, we released the Skarhead and Wisdom In Chains Lp's, got to hang out with both bands several times. I had the pleasure to hang out a few days with my longtime friend Don Foose (ex the spudmonsters and run devil run) who has his new band called Foose. Their debut cd 'Sacrifice' is out now and distributed in Europe and for me personally its one of the best records from the past years. I simply love it and play it several times a day. Good old school hardcore. I got to spend some time with To Kill on tuesday, who will be playing the H8000 fest on april 3rd. The roadtrips with the people helping out with the label and distro were fun. Coming up are 2 releases by South American bands Confronto and Nueva Etica. Besides bands, they are also real friends. When I look at all this, I can only say that I'm still happy doing this. I had good times recently and look forward to more days like that. I realise I have so much friends all around the world and I wouldn't want to trade it for anything in the world. Hardcore still lives!!!

March 10th 2010

South American vegan straight edge combo Confronto will soon unleash their 'Sanctuarium' album on cd through Reality Records. Also Nueva Etica has joined the team for the re-release of their 'Elite' album. We're pretty stoked for these releases. You should too, 'cause they kick ass...

Foose joined our distribution. The debut cd 'Sacrifce' by the band from Don Foose former vocalist for The spudmonsters and Run Devil Run brings you old school hardcore in the vein of his previous bands. H8INC 'Clockwork Misery' cd now also flows through our hands. This third effort from Detroit meanest band will hit you hard. H8INC the name says it all!!!