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I Adapt were formed in January 2001 by the good friends Axel, Birkir and Bjössi. They were soon joined by other hardcore enthusiasts Villi and Ingi, thus completing the line-up. After having rehearsed a few covers and written a couple of songs they started playing out. As some members of the band were already quite known in the Icelandic hardcore scene the band quickly became very well known. The fact that they played something completely different from the noise/metal orientated bands who dominated the scene and went all out crazy at shows definitely helped as well. Throughout the years the band has had it’s fair share of line up changes, but today the band consists of guitar player Ingi, drummer Elli, bass player Villi and Birkir still sings. Their take on hardcore is a refreshing mix of both the old and new school, taking in influences from all over to create their own sound of melodies mixed with aggression, fast, slow and everywhere in between but always passionate and with their hearts completely into the music. Lyrically the band takes in all sorts of subjects. When the band started, not many bands in Iceland were political but I Adapt changed that tradition and brought in topics like animal rights, the environment, homophobia and racism and other socio-political subjects as well as singing about their love of hardcore and the scene. The band also has their share of personal lyrics which, just like the bands music, shows how diverse the band and the individuals who make up the band are. The band members are all active in the scene is some form or another, doing shows, writing for and putting out zines, doing distros, playing in other bands and so on. They have several releases behind their back including songs on three comps in the UK, one in japan and soon one in the USA as well as on two comps here in Iceland. They released a live cd called “The famous three” which is sold out by now. Then in the summer of 2002 they released their first DIY album called “why not make today legendary” which is now sold out. Following that release they played at the Ieper fest in Belgium which was their first show outside of Iceland. "Sparks Turn To Flames" was released in the summer of 2003 on Belgian label Reality Records followed by a 3 week European/UK tour. This cd contains re-mastered "Why Not Make Today Legendary" with an un-released track from the same session as well as a bonus track. It also includes a session that the band called "Sparks" wich were 4 new songs recorded for this European release. "Sparks Turn To Flames" was released on cassette through In Our Hands records in Poland. After countless local shows the band headed again to the UK for a tour in december 2003. Alot of things changed in 2004 and the line up did too. Now a four piece, I Adapt wrote new songs to be released in the summer. Their most recent release called "No Pasaran" was born and yet another tour in Europe came to fruit. It was a success and "No Pasaran" will be released on Malarie records on a 12" vinyl, Reality records takes care of the cd, domestically I Adapt will release it themselves, as well as a cassette through In Our Hands Records (available soon). A split with the UK band Drive Us Against is in the pipelines as a winter release, supported by another UK invasion in december... The future looks bright for I Adapt. See you in the pit!

I ADAPT - Sparks turn to flames [ RR04 - CD ]

- Intro
- Sparks
- Your pride
- Empty words, no compassion
- Six feet under
- That's all it is
- I wish
- Blame game
- Where it all makes sense
- Arm me
- Still don't get it
- Celebrate
- Wanted to say much more
- No lifers
- Revolt