Desperate measures

Born to expire

The nightlife




The history of this band dates back from 1999, with the end of Concave and the will to produce a more ripping sound. The band is Felipe Chehuan (vocals), Maximiliano (guitar), Felipe Ribeiro (drumms) e Eduardo Moratori (bass), ), have defied all the expectances and crossed musical and terrestrial barriers to reach the highest number of people with their music, more aggressive each passing day and filled up with lyrics about the reality tasted in the streets of Baixada Fluminense and Petropolis (RJ) their hometown, where a silent majority lives with no perspectives about the future, a day at a time just because it seems to be the best available option.

In less than an year, dedicated entirely to rehearsing pratices, they recorded a demotape and played at Verdurada, one of the most tradicional hardcore festivals in Brazil hosted in Sao Paulo-SP, whose ever-changing cast gathers a thousand of people in each edition. Their performance hit the audience straight, and assured them 3 more shows in the distant sides of this hell-city. That was the ignition: they took their chance and strode a familiar path to all underground hardcore bands: pay from their own pocket the production of their first album. With the disc in hands, with no idea about who would distribute the album, there went the third-world-soldiers to one more battle: play live at two big festivals: Rancor Fest in Belo Horizonte/MG Brazil and Sao Paulo Hardcore Fest. They would never imagine they would be seen by the labels who immediately got interested in releasing their album. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Liberation Recordings and Cospe Fogo Gravacoes, who released their ....Insurrection.... album and put these four ....cariocas.... on the road side-by-side with Agnostic Front (USA), Good Clean Fun (USA), Garotos Podres (SP-Brazil), Tidal (Germany), Nueva Etica (Argentina), Entrefuego (Chile) and the germans from Heaven Shall Burn, partners in a tour through 4 brazilian states. Contacts were made and it didnt take long for the guys to cross the limits of brazilian lands and play for the hermanos in Argentina, with 6 shows, not to mention two shows in Chile. ....The Insurrection.... lit fire in Europe, where the album was released on Circulation Records needless to say, more than enough for the guys to pack their bags in the second semester of 2003 and make their way to the old continent. From their first european tour they keep lots of good stories and the surprise of playing to almost five thousand people in traditional european underground festivals. They played 16 shows in one month. The guys took this tour as ....the completion of a stage...., from where on the band got more presence in their own lives. One of the products of this european tour was the release of a split cd with the metal act Fall of a Season on Burning Season Records, featuring 3 songs from each band and named ....Dedicated to Fears..... Back to Brazil, they played lots of shows and in the beginning of 2005 got into the studio to record their second album, ....Causa Mortis...., produced by them and Davi Baeta. Just like their first album, "Causa Mortis" hits you in the face with its unique sound quality, amazing lyrics and artwork. In order to have the album distributed in the entire country, four labels got into a partnership to bring this huge project into reality: Revenge Records, Brotherhood Recordings, Cospe Fogo and Estopim Records. The result: two thousand copies sold out in less than 6 months.

In Europe the scenario was not different at all; right after putting their second album out, Confronto landed in Germany to once again show Europe what brazilian hardcore is about. Counting on the professional booking support of Broken Bones Brigade, this time 40 shows were played and 12 more were added to the original schedule, what caused them to spend more time in Europe, turning this into the biggest tour of all brazilian hardcore bands in 2005. In the end, the band was in Europe for 2 months and a half, performing almost every single day as headliners or the only band on the bill. Far different from Brazil, they managed to play to 200 people on a Monday night something completely unreal for brazilian standards showing how much dedication our scene has to have to support our bands. Back to Brazil, Confronto has toured the northeast part of the country, with insane sold-out shows, since people had been waiting them for a long time. They sealed 2005 sharing the stage with Napalm Death, and other amazings shows with Brujeria, Força Macabra, Kuolema, Sick Terror, Uzômi, Ataque Periférico and Jason, in a famous venues in Rio de Janeiro and a sum of more 100 shows in 2005. In 2006 isn’t different, the year began with a diary fill of concerts in the various cities, between Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, and concerts marked on South America where they played in Colômbia, Equador Chile and Argentina, for spread the album “Causa Mortis”.

In 2007 the quarter going to old continent for doing a tour with 58 concerts and see again friends maked in the others tours, besides they given interviews for journal on the Sweden and for the tleveision on Romenia. In 2007 too, before stoped for Record PF the new álbum , the band maked a concert with Napalm Death on the Circo Voador, in Rio de Janeiro. In the first of six months of 2008 they dedicated the Record, production and mix of the new album, will go release in the second of six months. Considering all their dedication, it..s not strange to frequently see Confronto on magazines, on the tip of the tongue of bands and critics as of the greatest revelations of brazilian hardcore...., besides will reached the various public.

CONFRONTO - Sanctuarium [ RR026 - CD ]

- Abolição
- Santuário das almas
- Infanticídio
- Sem perdão
- Calvário
- Rosas negras
- Morte dos sonhos
- Ocupação
- Tortura
- Ossos e carne diante o desespero