Desperate measures

Born to expire

The nightlife




The year 2000. Calutn, K’vin, Bart and Jens decided to start a band. They had talked about it for a while already and now it was time for the real thing. Bart played the guitar, Jens played the drums and Calutn and K’vin were responsible for the vocals. In december 2001 they decided to rehearse for the first time and they watched out for more volume and higher quality. Bjorn joined the troops as their bassplayer. The first song was made and they decided to put it on tape. They contacted David who used to play the guitar in Conspiracy. He liked Calutn‘s voice so much that he decided to join the band for a rehearsal. The band was called ‘Murder 101’ in those days. David was improvising on the song that was already made and gave it a whole new dimension. They named the song ‘Nobody’. The band thought they were on the right track and they wrote some new songs. As time went by, they saw it was not going the way they wanted it musically. Jens and Bjorn left the band because they dindn’t feel comfortable anymore. Stijn (bass) and Pieter (drums) joined the band. They were more than happy to join forces. We write Februari 2002. The band is complete now and they decide to change the name of the band in ‘Core Of Anger’. The name had to say what the music is all about. ‘Core’ because they play metalcore and ‘Anger’ is all about the lyrics that speak of society ’s disseases which we have to endure all time. The band is now at full force and decides to go in the studio to record some music. They went to studio Studio 13 in Loker. Michael from Studio 13 is well known for his work with bands like Liar, Congress, D.S.A. (R.I.P.), Striker (R.I.P.), Retaliate,... Core Of Anger recorded four songs in two days. The demo-record is not showing the band the way they are now because a lot has changed and the music has evolved. They also gained more and more succes due to extensive live performances. Core Of Anger is still working to create a style which can be called quite unique in the scene. The influences are mainly bands like Kickback, All out war, Congress, Life of agony, Length of time and some metalbands. Halfway 2003 the band's line up changed as David left the band. A replacement was found after a while. His name is Gerre and he used to play the guitar in Striker. Welcome dude! With this line up, Core Of Anger is ready for more furious beatdown metalcore. We want to thank David for everything he did for the band. In May 2004 Core Of Anger had the opportunity to join New York’s Everybody Gets Hurt on 6 dates of their Redemption Tour of Europe. It turned out to be a blast and we got very good responses. As 2004 drawed to an end, Core Of Anger entered the CCR Studios in Zulte to record 6 songs for a mini cd which is to be released somewhere in the beginning of 2005. In 2007 COA called it quits...

CORE OF ANGER - S/t [ RR012 - MCD ]

- False hope
- Hate conquers all
- Me against humanity
- Life
- Brotherhood